Windows 8..

What I want from it..

A proper working desktop version, complete with proper working start menu and desktop front end,. It’s that simple. My computer is not the size of a phone or small book, and for what I do, keyboard and mouse is still the best input method.

If I don’t get what I want from it..

I do not consider the Windows 8 desktop to be anything more than a sham re desktop computer use presently. Windows 7 took away the classic menu functions which for desktop users like me was everything. Now Windows 8 is taking the Start menu away almost completely.

I will continue to use Windows 7 until such time as Microsoft release an OS which fits the desktop environment , OR I will look for an alternative which still caters for desktop machines where keyboard and mouse are the primary inputs.


Just remember that we all don’t just browse, send messages in SMS text speak, or sit in a comfy chair reading a novel or great literary works. I spend hours per day, as do many others, trying to impart ways in which other people will get a good computing experience. Please do NOT take that away from me or the people I try to help..

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