LG cellphone software – an update

Good news finally.

It is now possible to download and install the LG support software and PC Suite onto a machine running Windows 7 64-bit. Not only does it download, it even installs and works after installation. Maybe my email to LG woke somebody up to the fact that 64-bit operating systems are becoming the ‘norm’.

Now, you can find and download a variety of versions of PC Suite from a variety of sources, but you do not want to do that. The advantages of getting the software through the LG support tools is that you get the version of PC Suite which perfectly matches the features available on whatever LG cellphone model you have.

PC Suite is not the most exciting software I have ever seen. Then again, it will only be used to input or backup whatever is on your phone, so I guess it doesn’t matter. One little niggle is that I could not scroll through lists using the system mouse. I had to use the arrow keys.

Other than that, it imports contacts from Outlook or Outlook Express fairly quickly. OUTLOOK EXPRESS??? Look to the positive that the software now works in Windows 7 64 and forget the fact that the software features haven’t moved on much since Windows 95.

PLEASE NOTE that the above was made possible using a USB cable. My cellphone has Bluetooth capability  and will connect to my computer via Blue Soleil software. However, PC Suite will not hold a connection to the phone via Bluetooth. It searches for a connection, finds it, and then craps out if you try to access any features.

There is still work to be done at both ends. I will continue to try to beat the Bluetooth issues for a while. If I fail, it will be time to get ‘jiggy’ with LG support again. 

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