Updating software..

An innocuous title for the most part, but not when discussing LG software updates.

As if I did not have enough problems getting LG software to work initially, I fell for the ‘upgrade your software’ ploy. It wasn’t anything to do with the ‘less than smart’ LG application as I had hoped, more to do with USB drivers.

Removing the cellphone battery is part of it and possibly the least frustrating part were it not for the fact that I had to do it seven times in all. A variety of windows clambered onto the screen, some saying that the installation had failed and others suggesting that all was ok. Very confusing.

Anyway, finally I have a connection to my phone (still no real joy with Bluetooth), and I would like to leave it exactly as is until I upgrade the cellphone at some point. Everything works as well as it is ever going to work for now, but LG don’t tell you what will be improved or fixed by updating the drivers, so you have to go with them. The fix I would really like to see is where one has to remove the battery multiple times. Officially, it should only be once, but it doesn’t work out too well at all..

Today’s jaunt into technical stuff will be attempting to get a Bayer Contour Meter to download its contents via the official Bayer USB cable. The last outing was as fruitless as anything I have ever tried before. Bayer suggest calling their Customer Services, but those people have problems remembering what they typed in  email regarding instruction on how to get the best from Bayer Industries.


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