No more Kernel power (Event ID 41) errors

The modifications I made to the Styrofoam base appear to have worked. Just to put you in the picture..


The black part is the case, the brown part is the floor, and the white part is the modified Styrofoam. The idea behind it is to keep the case off the floor such that it doesn’t suck dust in so readily. Showing is the back part of the case, the power supply sitting in the area directly behind what you can see.

The cut-outs enable the power supply to breathe better, and I did the same on the other side. The case itself has very substantial rubber feet on its base, but the overall weight of everything saw them start to sink into the Styrofoam over time, slowly closing the gap.

I could have turned the power supply over, but I would rather colder air from the floor get drawn in than heated air from the CPU and chipset heatsinks.

Anyway, I was getting at least two Event ID 41’s per week, and so far, I haven’t had anything in fifteen days.

Tools for the job were fairly basic. I used a  Mastercraft Snap-off Knife, Product #57-5022-4, extended out as far as the new blade would allow. The job should be tackled on a hard surface, and due care should be taken to cut away from your person as these things can be vicious when making contact with skin and clothing. Note that the aforementioned knife requires no drivers, just a little common sense in use, and is compatible with Windows 7 (all versions) and all computer case foam protective packaging inserts..


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