Out of the box and ready to run?

Ha-ha. Pull the other one. More like ‘out of the pan and into the fire’!!

From the point where the Toshiba laptop started to lay down its Windows 7 –64-bit image from the recovery partition, it has taken over five hours.. yes that is …

5 hours..

and it has JUST finished installing the first round of updates.

The image laying hardly took any time at all.

Configuring the various internal components, which included several reboots, seemed to take forever. The fifty three updates plus two  optional updates seemed  to take forever.

While the above was plodding along, I did manage to install Microsoft Security Essentials, Libre Office and remove some of the trial junk from the laptop. I have yet to make the recovery DVDs (I think that there are FOUR)

I had to re-lay the image because Wal-Mart had added their own junk too (an ex-demo model bought at a knock down price), but it would have had to have laid the image from straight out of the box anyway. All I did was add installing updates, a task for which few new owners are even aware.

What an appallingly bad experience for a new PC owner!

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