Small screens and low power..

This is an interesting article..

It talks about the demise of the Dell netbook range. As it states at the end, Dell was not a big player in the netbook market, but it does show that the netbook market is losing its heart.

Could it be the fact that netbooks are too small and too slow? It pays to have good eyes and dextrous fingers to get anything out of something so small, and the machines themselves are dogged by slow performance because the size and heat dissipation of small machines is not good enough to allow better.

Could this happen to the very machines which Microsoft want to to run Windows 8? How long will it be before the craze for miniscule machines dies out almost completely. I can understand the need for a small screen machine if the user is intent on always using it while cooped up in an elevator, or maybe sitting on a bus or in livestock class on an airplane, but for normal use, these little things appear to be so restrictive for the vast majority.

A laptop can be balanced on one’s lap, but it is not particularly stable. The weight of the screen tries to impart a turning motion on the base, and I have never been comfortable with using a laptop this way. Netbooks are so small that it is impossible to balance. Best case is that it sits on one leg, not stable at all, and the screen is so far away as to make it almost unreadable.

Tablet computers, Kindle readers and similar look great, a real novelty, but is that all they are? Small enough to be placed in an overcoat pocket, but what are the chances that they can be ‘crushed in a rush’. Protection does not appear to be a highpoint and it would be easy enough for one to be caught by a shopping cart or accidentally sat upon.

The other problem with the above is that they distract us from what is happening in our direct locality,  Lives are being taken over by portable electronic devices. Some even lose their lives because of it. Listening to mp3 players, people just wander across a road junction, blissfully unaware of what is going down. They see the ‘cross now’ sign briefly, but supposing a car driver hasn’t seen the red light? Head down, encased in a ‘hoodie’, life span becomes infinitely shorter. This will start to happen with e-readers too, the only saving grace being that the reader can at least hear what is going down. Unfortunately, most hearing is not directional enough, and I cite the example of a driver who hears the sirens of an emergency vehicle, but has no idea from which point of the compass that the emergency vehicle will appear.

I can’t help but feel that all of these new gizmos are eroding quality time to think for oneself about oneself. It is one thing not to be able to live without Microsoft Outlook and its address book, but to have to be permanently connected wherever we are is crazy. It has gotten so bad that one can even hear the ‘flush’ in the background. Oh my………

Having said all of the above, there is a lighter side.. run the video for a laugh, and pray that you never become a victim of CCTV for the same reason..


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