How will we control the computers of tomorrow?

I took the title from here..

To be honest, I am getting a little tired of being told how I should interact or will have t interact with MY computer. It would appear that others are too.

Why didn’t cars of the future travel on a cushion of air? Well, directional control is an issue..

Why didn’t cars become personal flying machines like you see in Space movies? Because you would need traffic lights as high as CN Tower, and human beings do not all want to in the same direction at the same as time (as per Starlings)..

In the 50’s and 60’s, they played with the idea of gas turbine engines in cars. Imagine sitting on a 747 or A380 engine nacelle at the traffic lights. You wouldn’t need rear view mirrors because there would be NOTHING behind you..

Magnetic levitation has issues too.. It requires tracks. Going to look real nice in your driveway..

Space age car design in the 50’s and 60’s lead to other problems. Two of them were 1. a turning circle of 210 feet caused by enclosed front wheels and 2.  the possibility of impaling pedestrians on any or all of the pointy bits.

So, what did we actually end up driving? For all of the above ‘brilliant, seemed like a good idea at the time’ ideas of what we might use for transport in the year 2000, what we got was something that worked. The venerable Toyota Corolla


A message to all computer manufacturers and software developers..

Sometimes, the older ways work better. That is why some of the old ways have lasted so long. They are not really old ways. They are the ONLY ways which work for the maximum amount of people liable to use them. Before we get foisted with a lot of futuristic computer related junk, remember what happened to all of the above futuristic stuff.

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