Tech trends in 2012?

I am using this article as the basis..

1.. Dual-Core Processors Become the Norm in Smartphones

This is great news, Nothing better than a high power phone. Quad core? Way to go. Do these smartphones come with flip out magnifiers such that people with less than 20-20 vision can see what is on screen? No? Bring on 16 core. It will all mean diddley squat to me. I don’t have 20-20 vision.

2.  Optical-Disc Drives Disappear From New Laptops

The end of burning recovery disks? Wow. So everybody has to get an external hard drive in order to save the recovery image? Let’s hope that the external drives are no larger than a smartphone and are Bluetooth compatible.

3.  Data-Only and Reduced-Voice Cell Phone Plans Proliferate

Oh great. So I will get penalized because I can’t use a tiny keyboard and have to speak to people on the other end? Thanks for nothing..  

4.  Facebook Accounts Become Necessary to Do More Stuff on the Web

People who guard their privacy are going to love this one.

5.  NFC Facilitates Mobile Payments, Peer-to-Peer Networking

Yes, you will be able to buy popcorn in your multi-screen cinema just by tapping your phone on the head of the cashier. If you get overcharged, just use a heavier phone next time..

6. Processing Enters the Cloud

Wait till you get the charge for this in your email. The pizza base was the cheap part. Working out the best combination of toppings for greatest value and taste experience? Prepare to do some washing up in exchange. And if the cloud drops it’s load, perchance? Daisy, Daisy, give me your answ—er dooo-ooo. Hey, does anybody remember what a 404 error is?

7. HTML 5 Takes the Stage

This is good until you get to the part about not needing apps. Apps are the basis of everything, Windows 8 included. The apps could have cost you mega$$$$$, and HTML5 is going to make them redundant? Ouch..

8. IPv6 Starts Rolling Out

Great news for the corporate world. It will get IPv6, and you, the home user, will be stuck with IPv4, and after all of the slagging off as t how crappy IPv4 is and how much better we will all be for getting IPv6. Do you feel better already? I’ll bet you do..

9. Consumers Borrow More Books, Movies, and Music

Yes, folks, for just three easy payments of $13.39, you can borrow a book or movie, not for one day, not for two days, no folks, you can have it for three whole days, and all it will cost you is ……  go to Item 6 for the answer.. lolololol..

My guess is that you thought library fines were out of this world. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet..

10. Fewer (but Better) Tablets Arrive

Nobody can compete with the iPad. If the iPad OS was in Klingon, i-buyers would still have one. I-buyers don’t care if the iPad can do much or not. Ownership of an iPad says more about them than all the paid apps in the world. The iSecret is to make a few really trendy apps and sell them at Chanel prices.

All of the other manufacturers are trying to cram two quart usability into a shot glass, and Microsoft are willing to gamble their entire desktop OS business on tablets which probably won’t sell as well as expected after the initial rush. Could 2012 see the ousting of Microsoft’s Dear Leader because of this? Nope, but 2013 maybe an unlucky number for some..

The epilogue..

How much will all of the above cost in real terms? There is never any mention of cost, but somebody has to pay.

Download caps, bandwidth throttling and excess charges will kill some of the above. Outages will kill some of the above. Having to join Facebook, thereby casting your entire life into the air for resale, ridicule, and personality crucifixion will kill some of the above. Government spying and intervention will kill some of the above.

Maybe it will be good that the above has built-in self destruction because there will be no other escape from it. Quality time with your kids, on an adventure vacation , or having a triple bypass done will not be good excuses.

See you in 2012.. have a great day.. Smile

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