The Wireless Toshiba..

The story so far:

  1. The wireless connection has never been too reliable, but it is getting worse.
  2. Regardless of settings changes, it has always dropped out even when in ‘full flight’
  3. It is NOT affected by wired connections. Even if every computer here is on wireless connection, it still drops out
  4. It is the ONLY wireless device which drops its connection.
  5. Fitted with a D-Link G132 USB adapter, it has NOT dropped the connection once unless manually disconnected or put into sleep or hibernation

This rules out the wireless router as being the cause. I had already decommissioned a DI 624 and replaced it with the DIR 628, briefly trying a WBR 1301 in between. So, it has to be the Toshiba’s wireless adapter that it as fault, yes? No.. it may have something to do with the PCIe bus which the adapter card uses, but my guess is that the card is at fault.

Do I replace the card with a similar but new Realtek RTL8191SE, or should I look to getting a different make/model, maybe an Intel 6200 or Atheros 9280? It is easy enough to replace on the L500 because it sits in an opening in the case just under the keyboard.

The next time that I write on this subject will be to report on how the new card is doing.. 

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