Another LCD panel bites the dust..

This time, it is an LG W1934s (one of a pair), before this, an ACER 1916, and a very expensive 19” first generation LCD panels before the Acer. I have to admit that I am getting a little tired of LCD panels failing. Three in five years or so has gone beyond funny.

In this case, the standby/power switch light was flashing blue which apparently suggests that capacitors had blown inside. I also found out that the cheapest capacitors are used and they are working flat out just to keep the monitors going.

Is this not built in obsolescence? Why is it that they always fail a little beyond the warranty period? If I was to pay out $800 for a monitor, would it be any better? I don’t have any desire to find out the hard way.

Presently, I have everything crammed onto one 19” widescreen and I am not happy. If I had the room, I would look around for a 21” CRT, but there are no new ones and I don’t have a deep enough desk to cope with the size.

So, LG, life is not good and for now, you are LNFG.. Sad smile

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