The AMD System Monitor

.AMD Sys

And yes, you do have to be running an AMD m’board.

Novelty value = 5. because it is more fun than a defragmenter..

So, what can you see?

if you click on ‘Details’ in each, you get even more info.

The CPU section opens into a graph with a sliding bar section for each core. You can watch the cores jump around, and the CPU frequency switches from medium high to high which shows that AMD Cool ‘n Quiet really does work..

The Graphics card section is not nearly as exciting, and if the utility was connected to you, they would be ready to pull the plug on you..

Arguably the most exciting part is Memory usage. It shows where Windows is using memory, what percentage of the total is being used, memory speed, and how much you didn’t need to buy but constitutes part of your bragging rights.

It is a great utility if you have dual monitors because you can park it on one where it is easily seen while pushing the computer into hard work on the other. With just one screen, all you get to see is the total resources hogged by the utility itself.

This is a must have utility if you have no life and are easily amused..

Graphic courtesy of Snag-It 10.0.2

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