37 into 18.5 = disaster

I am not coping too well with just one monitor. It’s like trying to walk with both feet in one shoe.

Icons which once lived down the left side of monitor 2 are now in a folder just below the gadgets which have always been on the right side monitor 1. There are a couple of folders within it too and navigation is a real pain.

In MS Answers, OPs have more than just problems with their computers. They also have issues with constructing easily readable paragraphs. Up until now, I have cut and pasted posts into WordPad, increased the text size and put it on monitor 2. In this way, I could keep it in sight while constructing a reply. Not anymore, I can’t.

I also used to keep the newsgroups/forums in view while playing a silly addictive game, done to flatten frustration while waiting for replies. Can’t do that either..

It would be easy enough to rectify but for some small, important  issues:

  1. Choice.. Whether or not to just go huge with one monitor.
  2. I like two in case one craps out as has happened.
  3. I don’t like two because they take up a lot of room laterally, and don’t have the depth more suited to trolling through web sites.
  4. I like the idea of one large monitor because I would have room for my printer too.
  5. I don’t like the idea of just one because if it craps out, I have nothing.
  6. The cost.. I don’t have the funds to do anything presently.

There is a moral to the above.

If you only have one monitor, don’t be tempted to expand onto two. The benefits of two are huge. The sadness when one craps out is equally huge.

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