Wi-fi Interference..

I have a network where the main PC is connected via Cat5e to the DIR 628 router. There is a desktop machine connecting via a D-Link PCI G520 (yes, it works with Windows 7 64-bit, but only at 54mb) and a Toshiba laptop connecting via a Realtek RTL8191SE. On a good day, it all works very well, but not all days are good because I live in an apartment block (condos actually) and my Wi-Fi network is not the only one in the building. Within range of my network: two are running  Cisco-Linksys routers four are running SMC routers One … Continue reading Wi-fi Interference..

A case for Windows 8..

A desktop case, that is.. I was just looking through the latest edition of CPU User, and I came across an advert for the perfect Windows 8 desktop case. Like Windows 8, it lacks some of the more traditional elements that we have come to expect. What it has.. Futuristic looks Easy access to the ‘internals’ (or are they externals).. What it hasn’t got.. No sides No top No base No provision for water-cooling No provision for case fans No provision for supporting the ports back-plate on the motherboard .. but it does come in an exciting electric blue colour … Continue reading A case for Windows 8..

Down the snake..

I find this amazing.. re the ribbon in Windows 8 Explorer.. “Other tweaks Microsoft highlights in its blog include several to Windows Explorer. One sets the default to minimize the ribbon across the top of the window so if users want it, they have to set it up. This was in response to an apparently large and blunt group protesting that they didn’t like the ribbon. Microsoft says it appreciates their opinion but will continue to develop ribbons and urges customers who don’t like it to try third-party tools to customize the navigation.” This would appear to be the MS … Continue reading Down the snake..