Why a Rat Rod makes a lousy ambulance..

I booted into Windows 8 again this morning, and then sat and looked at the Metro UI. The more I looked at it, the more I thought that it would be better without the apps. I like the way some of them show info, but the only time that I ever see a background is the period after the initial boot and before I start all of my stuff up.

When sitting at a desk hour after hour and with a screen size which makes everything readable with space to spare, it stands to sense that the ‘free’ space around the edges lends itself to toolbars, gadgets and other stuff. The dual screens that I was using until one decided to go west gave me even more free space.

This is the big benefit of the desktop. It doesn’t matter how long it has been around. That isn’t a factor. It is the way in which screen real estate can be used. I can do all that I want inside applications and online forums and still instantly see :

the date, time and easy access to a calendar anything being held temporarily.
incoming email alerts who is logged into the network
two folders on the desktop which hold less used links and utilities

the internal temperature of the case, CPU, HDDs, video card, external drive

instant double click access to twenty four other applications and links that I use often, how much bandwidth is being used

weather warnings

the state of the AV protection

the current state of the data backup

what is open behind whatever I have on top
instant access one click access to twenty six assorted applications and utilities  

Try achieving all of that from the Metro UI while still being able to see all of an inbox or a document being worked upon..

Forcing the Metro UI on a desktop user as the only option is like forcing a Rat Rod on a paramedic crew. The only similarity between an ambulance and a Rat Rod is that they both have engines, transmission and wheels.

Have you ever heard anybody suggest that ambulances are old hat and that maybe the roof should be chopped and the ride height reduced to within a couple of inches of the road surface? An ambulance has to be ready for whatever comes along. A Rat Rod is for fast, furious FUN..

I just don’t buy the ‘it’s old fashioned’ argument and neither do the majority of Windows power users. Being dumped into the Windows 8 desktop is like being told to be productive in a workshop that has no machinery or tools. It is an empty space where only the potential to be productive is apparent. If you want tools, you have to walk outside to get them, and put them back outside when you have finished with them.

I prefer a workshop where everything is laid out for ease of use.. just my opinion..


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