Windows 8 CP saves the day..

So I needed to re-install an HP DV9000 and the DVD unit would not play ball. Time to set up a bootable Vista flash drive. It’s all so easy and fast too..

Open CMD as admin and type:

  1. diskpart
  2. select disk 1 or whatever the flash drive disk number is..
  3. clean
  4. create partition primary
  5. select partition 1
  6. active
  7. format fs=fat32
  8. assign
  9. exit

Next, copy the entire OS DVD to the flash drive and you are ready to go..

Even though I knew that the flash drive was disk #4, I still typed in ‘select disk 1’. Unfortunately for the Windows 8 CP installation, it was sitting on Disk 1. Fortunately for me, it was ONLY Windows 8 which was sitting on drive 1. It could so easily have been the 500gb drive which holds the first bunch of operational backups.

Hurrah for Windows 8..


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