The quest for an ‘M Class’ operating system – Part One

It is fast becoming common knowledge that Windows 8 lacks a Start Menu suitable for a desktop computer. I have seen suggestions which revolve around trying to emulate the classic menu style, but it saddens me to think that anybody considers them even close. Looks are only part of what the classic menu truly was. That aside, there is a utility that has been around for quite  while now, adopted by Dell as the Dell Dock, part of their OEM software image. I believe that StarDock’s ObjectDock was first out of the gates, and since that time, RocketDock has appeared … Continue reading The quest for an ‘M Class’ operating system – Part One

An offer I had to refuse..

I received an email yesterday from those nice people at PC Tools. I know that it was a good offer, maybe a reduced purchase price, because the email was headed thus: ‘Restore PC performance with Registry Mechanic 2012’ You can feel your pulse racing already, can’t you. I know I could. So why did I have to refuse the offer? Quite simple really. It wouldn’t stay out of my Outlook junk folder long enough for me to click on any of the links. I dragged it into the inbox and before I could click on the inbox, it was back … Continue reading An offer I had to refuse..

2020.. Yayyyyy

No, not my eyesight, not even close.. Look at the date in the bottom right corner of the graphic. Aside from the fact that it is 7 days after my birthday, it means that I can stay with Windows 7 for almost 8 years before I have to consider moving to any Metro abomination of a Windows desktop OS.

Times and dates – and everything in-between

I was in MS Answers just now, answering a query about NeoTrace and Windows 7. It is a utility from the 90’s which traces across nodes between one’s home base and a remote computer elsewhere, but it requires longitude and latitude co-ordinates to recognise ‘this’ end. So, what are the co-ordinates for London Ontario? Answer: 42.59N 81.14W.. And I found this out from here.. This website is absolutely stuffed with info for local and global locations. It shows weather, dialling codes, time zones, calendar events.. the list is endless. It is well worth a look..