So, what is ‘trending’ today?

The ‘dock’

Yes, that nasty popup thing that gets in the way of everything. Even if you set it to ‘autohide’ it still pops up like a crazed gopher each time that you go near to it..

So how is this atrocity of coding better than an XP fully customizable Start Menu? There was a time when computer users were asking ‘how do I get rid of this thing?’

Maybe, when facing a operating system which has no Start Menu, it will not seem so bad after all.

Maybe if Microsoft had made it easier or even less of a secret that the old XP Start Menu and the Quick launch toolbar were easy to customize and use, there wouldn’t be people telling us how antiquated it all was.

The IDE port..

I read in a motherboard test yesterday that the inclusion of an IDE port was antiquated. I have already discussed just how useful an IDE port and CD/DVD drive can be. Antiquated? I don’t think so.

TigerDirect advertise the Gigabyte GA880GM D2H board with a picture of an earlier revision type which has an IDE port. Unfortunately, if you mail order the board, the latest revision doesn’t have one. Comments mirror my sentiments. WTH !!!

While nobody who values reliability will ever miss the old 3.5” floppy drives, IDE drives have worked well for years. So what if the standard is old. Car tire design is old too but it is still the best way to get a car moving around without either shaking it to pieces or bouncing uncontrollably.

On screen keyboards..

These used to be a way to operate a computer if the big plastic thing in front of you gave up the ghost. Not anymore.

Tablets have on screen keyboards which are the only way to interact with the unit. Tablets have to be small because the users thumbs have limited reach. Yes, the thumbs which have become so useful at tapping out cryptic messages on cellphone keyboards. If you can do it on a cellphone, Tablet typing must seem like a vacation..  

But wait.. Why not turn your iPad/Tablet into a laptop?

This has to be a joke surely. Tell me that nobody is going to buy one of these in place of a nice large screen and the power of today’s laptops.

Has the world of IT gone completely crazy? Are we really all going to be working 24/7 on ‘concept style’ executive toys? Amazingly, Logitech are out of stock of these things.

Hey, don’t blame me. I didn’t buy them all. I would struggle to see and use a keyboard that small, and I certainly wouldn’t be able to see what was on the screen.

The majority of computer keyboards are still not ‘spill proof’. Laptops are not even slightly spill proof. Wireless connections are still not really safe and are anything but reliable generally. The LCD panel still has a fraction of the life of a CRT screen and SSD drives are every bit as reliable as a 3.5 floppy disk. There are plenty of things to do in the world of IT which would improve usability and productivity without having turn to the insane.

Have a great day.. Smile

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