No Media Center?

So will Windows 8 be able to handle movies? Not with Media Center, it won’t. The Home version doesn’t appear to be getting it, and users with 8 Pro will maybe have to pay for it.

It is certainly no great loss for me. I have only ever watched one movie on my computer and that was via Windows Media Player. I have a large TV not too far from where I sit now that is excellent for movie watching.

Windows Media Center.. Wasn’t it meant to be the control centre for home entertainment? I seem to remember a host of electronics bits and pieces being marketed by HP which would connect up to make quite the setup. Maybe some even bought them, but I never actually saw any of them in use. I did come across HP ‘Media Center’ computers, but none of their owners bought them because they were set to hook up to anything. They were bought because the people considered them to be the best in the store. 

So, there will be two editions without Media Center.. Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. Looks like the old XP line-up, doesn’t it. Some will be wishing it still was the XP line-up. Same rules apply as before. The ‘home’ version will have the speed and attributes of Pro except for Bit-locker and the ability to hook up to a corporate domain.

Windows 8 for ARM is not Windows 8, we are told. It is Windows RT for ARM. Did I read about another version for far flung markets? I think so but you will not be able to get it unless you are in a far flung place.

That’s it for now. No Media Center, no Start Menu. We will be back with a Windows 3.1 type OS before too long.

A bit of speculation here: Has anybody thought about an all text OS where instead of a bunch of ads and annoying graphics, we just have typed stuff on screen. Maybe we could pep it up by having orange text or maybe green  on a black background. That would be nice. Definitely a view into the future of computing..


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