Event Viewer fun and games..

Every now and again, I like to go into Event Viewer to see what Windows is throwing out of the cart. You can always rely on having some errors, warnings etc. and sure enough, I had some.

One was a PMEM error. This was simple enough. I removed the vestiges of an old Lotus Organiser 6 installation and the PMEM key from registry.

The next was a DHCP error with the integrated NIC. Apparently, the NIC’s IP address was outside of the range set in the router. It wasn’t but I uninstalled the NIC, but didn’t check the box to remove the drivers. A reboot saw the NIC discovered and the fault gone.

The final one was an ICS/TCP/IPV6 error.  The common thinking is that ICS is set up or there is a problem with Virtual Memory or the memory manager. Ostensibly, none of the three apply.. or do they?

I have the XP Mode Virtual Machine installed. Is this the ICS connection? Short of uninstalling XP Mode, I have no way of finding out, and I don’t feel up to uninstalling XP mode today.

So, two out of three is not so bad. None were crippling the computer, affecting boot up times, or stopping anything from working as far as I am aware. What was interesting  was a result I had from Bootracer after making changes to the second problem. Boot times will obviously be longer if the system has to accommodate changes made to the system.

Bootracer gave a rating of excellent to 5.23 minutes. I would show you the actual result but I didn’t think to save it.

Windows 7 = 1    Bootracer = 0

I think that a PC which boots to a desktop 99.99% of the time is a good one and if it gets there and is completely usable within 2.5 minutes, that is good too. It isn’t like you are losing huge chunks of your life while waiting, especially as it gives you time to adjust your chair, give the keyboard a dust-off and generally settle down before typing in your password.

A case in point.. With just one error appearing in EV, this one shows that my computer can boot faster than I can get a cup of coffee and a cheese and cracker snack..

snip 29 2

Have a great day..

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