Windows 8 CP Sunday

It’s back, resurrected from a DVD-RW after the slightly unfortunate removal while building a bootable Vista flash drive installation a while back. So far, I have just run the basic installation. After I have finished here, I will go back into it and set it up a little better. I still don’t like it and will not be forced or coerced into liking it either. Having said that, I feel that I should have it installed somewhere. I don’t dual boot or VM (apart from XP Mode), preferring to run a separate installation to which I can switch by selecting … Continue reading Windows 8 CP Sunday

Seven hundred and thirty..

The number of days that Windows XP has left before support dries up completely.. If you are still using it and intend to use it right up to the bitter end, you are going to have one tough time getting used to whatever OS is current  at the time. It is difficult enough for many Windows 7 users to stomach the changes coming in Windows 8. If the XP diehards don’t change soon, they may be totally without a Microsoft desktop operating system after 8 April 2014. Windows 7 could be the last desktop operating system ever to come out … Continue reading Seven hundred and thirty..

Networx Network Monitor – an important setting

It wasn’t too far back in time that I wrote a small piece on the Networx Network Monitor. Well, it works out of the box, but there is a setting which is very easy to miss, and you might initially panic. By default, Networx assumes that the month starts on the 1st day of the month, but this does not necessarily hold true for ISP billing. For example, Rogers Canada bills me from the 6th of the month to the 5th of the next month. So you should right click on the Networx icon in the notification area, select ‘Settings’, … Continue reading Networx Network Monitor – an important setting