It’s an oldie..

.. but it works.

I was asked to scan and send by email a photo which was taken a few years ago. It had been in a glass frame, and when removed for scanning, tiny bits of the picture were left on the glass. It wasn’t too bad but I wanted to improve it

There were and still are five different photo viewer/editors installed.

  1. Windows Live Gallery
  2. Windows Photo viewer
  3. Microsoft Office Picture Manager
  4. Irfanview
  5. XnView

All of them have the ability to change a photo in some way, even if it is only to correct the orientation. Some can do way more, but none of them have the capacity to remove scratches or crease marks from an old photo.

I was so sure that I had a photo editor which would do the above, and I do. It is called Photo Studio 5 by Arcsoft  and I got it fro free with a Canon Lide 30 scanner back in 2003.

It installs and works perfectly in Windows 7 64-bit. The blemishes in the photo disappeared with just ONE click. How good is that?

Photo Studio 5 is no longer available but there is  version 6..

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