No more playing with Windows 8 CP..

I booted the drive with the Windows 8 installation a couple of days ago and all it wanted to do was disk check all three drives. Eventually, Windows 8 started and I played around for a while.

Today, I attempted the same and everything went to plan except that Windows 8 would not start at all. Further investigation found that the Seagate 160 was running quite hot and obviously not well. Yes, I ran a Seagate extended disk check and that said the drive was fine. Yeah right. Somehow I just knew it would do that even though the drive has never been reliable.

So that’s it until I have the pennies to replace the drive. I am hoping that I can do it before Windows 8 Beta is released, but I may not even be in time for the RTM. One thing I am not going to do is overwrite Windows 7 until I have found a way to overcome Windows 8 shortcomings..

Sad smile

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