A hard drive for Windows 8..

I have an old XP computer which has been behind some other stuff of mine. In it is a Western Digital 160gb IDE drive, made in March 2005, and presently all that I have on which to install the Windows 8 Beta. I see no point in re-installing the Consumer Preview, and the beta will be more representative of what the RTM will be

Cooling will be paramount when using it, and I will most likely add a fan into the system case. There are two positions for a 120mm fan in front of the drive bays, but only one can be used at any one time, a slight failing in the case design. If the drives were oriented with the case, there is enough space to mount two 80mm fans which would have worked well, but being east-west, a 120mm fan is needed for coverage across the entire width of the drive.

I think that this is a failing generally in ‘midi’ sized casings where there is still a pre-occupation with 5.25” bays. Four of them is too much in my opinion, but I have no doubt that had three been planned, the case height would have been shorter. Sometimes, you just can’t win.

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