Windows 8.. Who will want it?

Paul Thurrott doesn’t think that business users will..

And he suspects that Microsoft know this already. You can read his reasoning in the link above.

My older clients mainly use XP, and because the majority are linked to Rogers Cable, the default homepage is Rogers Yahoo. This is where they get news, email, access to Yahoo chat etc. The desktop icon for IE may just have moved three spaces from where it was yesterday, but if they can’t find it easily, the end of the world is assumed to be on its way. If I put an icon on their desktop straight to their mail account, many believe that it is to a different mailbox, not the same mail.. ???

I know of some who bought Windows 7 machines but who took them back because they were SO different. Imagine their surprise and horror when the old computer breaks and new ones only have Windows 8 installed. Microsoft will not be taking the initial flak for it, but people like me will be.

That leaves the younger generations who have a need to carry cellphones permanently in one hand while trying to negotiate life with the other. Many of this group of users buy whatever is the latest trend and have loyalty to nothing long term. I know of people who bought tablets, not for themselves but for their kids. The adults still use desktops and laptops, but the tablets keep the kids happy on car journeys or anywhere where the kids have to wait while the grown ups do whatever. I suspect that many tablets are actually replacing stuff like the Nintendo DS and similar.

Advertising of tablets seems to promote the fun side too, but what happens when the desktops and laptops come up for replacement? It is assumed that the tablets are replacing desktops and laptops, but are they? It is assumed that computer users will want something that matches the cellphone, assuming that the user also has a Windows cellphone. A lot of assumptions, eh, and all at the expense of desktop and laptop users..


I have to admit to quite liking some of the apps, but I don’t like them on my desktop, and I am not the only one who thinks that way. I read recently that the OEMS are hitting hard times, laying workers off by the thousand, but they should not give it all up because there may yet be a huge market for ‘business’ machines which Microsoft will surely have to allow Windows 7 to be installed upon.

I spent a good few hours last night and this morning trying to acclimatise to Windows 8, but I still have a burning desire to rid it of Metro anything and revert to desktop which works so much better for what I do. I don’t care about new fangled or old fashioned. I just want the computer to work for me and Metro simply doesn’t.

Oh well, by this time next year some of us will be eating crow. I wonder who..    

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