No desktop start menu.. Absolutely no desktop start menu..

.. is still a major issue for many people. Almost every reply in forums and e-zine articles about Windows 8 centres on the lack of a desktop Start, and the response of some that we need to get a life is reducing fast.

Some article writers tell us that we are going to have to live with it and support the new interface. Sorry guys but as much as I am  Microsoft fan, this is one product which leaves me cold.

Unlike Windows ME where, if you added enough RAM (256mb), it would almost run without crashing at all, or Vista which just needed more development and finally got most of it in SP2, the lack of Microsoft support for the Start menu means that we have to resort to Start Menu look-a-likes, not the real thing.

The decision makers and employees would have to be kept in lead lined rooms to not notice the response.  Microsoft must be seeing the responses.because they have responded by removing the Start menu from the corporate edition of Windows 8 and removing the loopholes in the other editions. If that was your child doing it, the kid would be grounded for a month and sent to bed!!

Microsoft seems to be drifting towards al things mobile, cloud computing and the inevitable ‘Pay per View’ that will be how we get to access the clouds. Could the day of Linux and open source be coming to home computers? It will for sure unless Microsoft continues to sell Windows 7, but Microsoft don’t want to support two operating systems for the same platform.

Home users will tell you that they are already paying through the nose just to get onto the Internet, and many will resist ‘Pay per View’ when they find out that there is a good, viable alternative which for now can be had for pretty much nothing, the time taken to download and create a DVD..

I find it difficult to take in that Microsoft would be so stubborn, and while some have suggested that Windows 9 may well see a reversion to a proper desktop OS,  that will be three years down the superhighway and may arrive too late for those who bought a Windows 8 pre-installed computer and hated it so much.

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