CHKDSK errors again..

Windows 8 RP has to go because it is not safe for me to boot into it. Until Windows 8 RTM appears, I will remove it and try again on a brand new SATA when the time comes. I may even save my cash and wipe out C, replacing it with Windows 8. I don’t care really because I have no recovery partition to worry about and I have a good working Windows 7 Ultimate DVD. It can all be put back if the need arises.

I am in no particular hurry as I have Windows 7 which will be in mainstream use for some time to come. I was quick to move from Vista to Windows 7 because the world and his dog wanted to ditch Vista.  When I see Windows 8 becoming more popular, then I will make the switch. I don’t see it happening quite as quickly as before.

Will I miss Windows 8? Yes and no.

I liked the Welcome screen because I don’t often remember what day it is. I have found ways to overcome Microsoft’s intransigence re the Start menu, but I am still miffed because the classic Start menu has always been the best way to manage access on an MS desktop.

Some of the apps were ok too, but not suitable for the way I work and what I do. I am desktop bound and not just because I don’t have the cash to go mobile..

Well, that’s it for now. See you at RTM maybe..  

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