Upgrading to Windows 8..

To save me plagiarising, I will give you the link to Mary Jo Foley’s article..


There.. that was quick.. Smile

Techspot have a great little table which may be easier for you..


As usual, cross platforms and languages require a clean install. Personally, I favour the clean install anyway and always have.

One thing I didn’t see mentioned was whether upgrading Windows 7 which has XP Mode installed would be smooth and that XP Mode would still work. I never took the time to find out if Windows 8 would even accept a fresh XP Mode installation, so I can’t say one way or the other.

I will say that since deleting Windows 8, I have actually missed having it around, but needs must and I had to do it to preserve Windows 7. I do not consider that it is worth compromising my production OS for a beta.

Bear in mind that the above is based on an element of rumour, but if it is true, XP users get a better deal than they did when upgrading to Windows 7..

Windows 8 is in the wings, waiting for the curtain call.. Good luck, everybody.. Smile

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