Unhappy with MacOS?

If you read the article in the link below, you will see that it is not just Windows users who are displeased with the way upgrade operating systems affect the speed of a machine or the way in which the user interacts with it. http://www.zdnet.com/blog/btl/why-i-wont-be-upgrading-to-apples-mountain-lion-os-x/79726 I don’t doubt that if I looked at Mac  stuff more often, I would find more like this. Please note that I am not Mac bashing here, merely pointing out that Microsoft is not alone. Computer traditionalists are going to struggle with the new ideas and technology that is appearing. I still mess with tablets … Continue reading Unhappy with MacOS?

August RTM

MSDN and TechNet account holders should get Windows 8 during or at the end of the first week of August. Are you guys excited? I wouldn’t go that far but I am interested enough to give it a whirl. At the end of the day, it is an operating system designed to bring the various components of a computer together. As long as one has access to one’s favourite applications and utilities, it doesn’t matter that much. There is going to be resistance by more than a few, especially those coming from XP. Some XP users don’t like Windows 7, … Continue reading August RTM

Windows Gadgets are bad.. allegedly

A while ago, Microsoft removed many of the gadgets from Gadget Gallery because it wanted to encourage the writing of APPS in readiness for Windows 8. Now we are told that gadgets are bad and always have been…two sources of many.. http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2012/07/12/disable-windows-sidebar-gadgets/?amp;amp&amp  http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/news/software/3369228/microsoft-urges-death-of-windows-gadgets-as-researchers-plan-disclosures/?olo=rss This ‘news’ will undoubtedly convince many to run the ;Say no to gadgets’ fix. I recognise that gadgets could be used to gain access to a PC, but has it ever happened? Could 3rd party apps do the same thing in Windows 8? If there are safeguards in Windows 8 to stop the threat, why couldn’t there … Continue reading Windows Gadgets are bad.. allegedly

OEM and activation..

If you have a desktop machine, take a look at the front panel. If you bought from Dell, Acer, HP, or any other OEM manufacturer, it will have a manufacturer badge on it. If you look on the back panel, there will be stickers on which are printed serial numbers, model information, service tags etc. For those of you who have never opened up a case, have no idea what is in there, what do you think decides the make and model of your computer? The case? You would be wrong. It does not sow up anywhere in the computer … Continue reading OEM and activation..

Microsoft’s Comfort 5000 Desktop Set..

This is what I use. http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-us/p/wireless-comfort-desktop-5000/CSD-00001 Having used a Microsoft Laser 6000 desktop set prior to this one, I am used to the curved keyboard layout. It takes a little while to acclimatise to the curve, but it is better as one’s hands are better spaced. The good features: It is a spill-proof design, having drain holes which take liquids away from the inner workings. The wrist rest is easy to keep clean, and doesn’t go tacky like some of the other keyboards. It is quite compact, a feature that actually works against it re #1 in the bad features. … Continue reading Microsoft’s Comfort 5000 Desktop Set..

Finally an iPad challenge?

See here.. http://www.zdnet.com/microsoft-surface-will-be-a-real-ipad-rival-in-the-enterprise-say-cios-7000000714/ I hope that there is truth in the article. Go, Microsoft, go.. No tears from this corner for Apple. There will always be ‘label conscious’ buyers.

Benchmarks.. 7 vs 8

It isn’t all about raw speed, and the boot up time for Windows 8 is faster to Metro, but still takes a little time to set up the desktop if that is where you are going.. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0%2c2817%2c2406668%2c00.asp It still doesn’t alter the fact that Windows 8 is primarily a touch OS, and is more fiddly to use. Benchmarking games is one thing, but a game is a game. Not so with operating systems as we all have stuff that we like to run on top, all of which takes a toll on times. This is real world. Windows XP is … Continue reading Benchmarks.. 7 vs 8

Windows 8 market share..

We know that it has not RTM’ed yet, but the pre-RTM usage figures are still not looking good.. see here.. http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9228896/Windows_8_falls_further_behind_Windows_7_in_pre_launch_stats?taxonomyId=125&pageNumber=1 I have tried to be enthusiastic but with Windows 8 being centered on touch and me having nothing touch capable, I am still torn between installing it as soon as I get it or just leaving well alone. The trouble is that Windows 7 works very well and it is a fully fledged desktop OS, not a ‘trying to appease all’ hybrid. The improved ‘system admin’ tools are hardly killer apps for all but the geekiest, and companies will … Continue reading Windows 8 market share..

Roaming desktop icons..

We all have them. At every reboot, they appear to have shuffled around. Do you want to stop this bad behaviour? Windows 7 compatible, this small ‘freemium’ utility is just what you need. IconRestorer.. http://fsl.sytes.net/iconrestorer.html There is a nice little shot of the utility in action, and some custom layouts to show you what it can do. It works across multiple screens too.

Windows 8 RTM..

Some good news for those who have to run the latest, if not always greatest, operating system… http://windowsteamblog.com/windows/b/bloggingwindows/archive/2012/07/02/upgrade-to-windows-8-pro-for-39-99.aspx Microsoft really wants to push Windows 8, and at the price quoted in the blog, it would be churlish not to accept the offer even if one had no plans to install it immediately. I have read rumours that Windows 8 will RTM on or around July 18th of this year. As always, MSDN and/or TechNet account holders will be chomping at the bit to get it a.s.a.p, and I will be among them. I am getting around to thinking that I … Continue reading Windows 8 RTM..