Windows 8 RTM..

Some good news for those who have to run the latest, if not always greatest, operating system…

Microsoft really wants to push Windows 8, and at the price quoted in the blog, it would be churlish not to accept the offer even if one had no plans to install it immediately.

I have read rumours that Windows 8 will RTM on or around July 18th of this year. As always, MSDN and/or TechNet account holders will be chomping at the bit to get it a.s.a.p, and I will be among them.

I am getting around to thinking that I will install Windows 8 as soon as I get my hands on a copy. Having given in a reasonable amount of thought, beyond the Metro UI, there is a lot of Windows 7 there, and I would still be able to support Windows 7 while having 8 running. Yes, I am among the numbers who like to run the latest and not always greatest.

A total break with tradition, I will try upgrading from Windows 7 rather than the clean install I have always favoured. The system software will be stripped to Windows 7, Office 2010 and Mesnews to save Windows 8 having to cope with all of the rest of the crap on my system. The printer can stay, but all other hardware and support will go too other than keyboard and mouse. Hopefully, this will reduce the upgrade time, which in the past has been known to be painfully slow. It will also give me a better understanding of the process from a support point of view.

The only safeguards will be to make a copy of my PST file and get a print out of major Microsoft key codes using Produkey. Programs and Features is going to be a well used utility come the day.Documents etc are already saved elsewhere.

When I make the switch, I will not be able to support the Metro interface and its qualities because I don’t have a tablet or a touch screen. I will, as I have always done, endeavour to help improve the Windows experience for others who struggle with the technical bits or who just want to ‘get in and go’.

If anybody has a Windows tablet running Windows 8 that they don’t like or want, I am open and willing to give it a free home, if only to give me the knowledge to support the Metro UI..


I know that I have been a little scathing re Windows 8, but despite the Metro UI, I am quite looking forward to seeing it on my computer. Am I selling out? Yes and no. I don’t like the fact that Microsoft are expecting me to use a desktop OS without the tools to which desktop users have become so accustomed, but I do want to be able to support users of Windows 8 when they come online later in the year. It is a more difficult choice for me to make than you could ever imagine, and I can assure you that I am not making the change purely for myself..

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