Microsoft’s Comfort 5000 Desktop Set..

This is what I use.

Having used a Microsoft Laser 6000 desktop set prior to this one, I am used to the curved keyboard layout. It takes a little while to acclimatise to the curve, but it is better as one’s hands are better spaced.

The good features:

  1. It is a spill-proof design, having drain holes which take liquids away from the inner workings.
  2. The wrist rest is easy to keep clean, and doesn’t go tacky like some of the other keyboards.
  3. It is quite compact, a feature that actually works against it re #1 in the bad features.
  4. The keys have a light touch and are not noisy.
  5. The mouse fits the hand well, and scroll wheel is very light and more precise than other reviews suggest. It also works on virtually any surface, even carpet.

The bad features:

  1. The F keys are small and could do with being separated slightly into three banks of ‘four’ keys which would make it easier to find F4, F8 and F12. These F keys are used by the system where you often have limited time to find and press them.
  2. If you spill anything ‘gooier’ than water on the two top rows, removing the keys is not the easiest of tasks and requires an exceptionally light touch. The main keys are easy to remove.
  3. The mouse has a glossy top which marks very easily.

Overall, I like it

Rating: ☺☺☺☺☺

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