Windows Gadgets are bad.. allegedly

A while ago, Microsoft removed many of the gadgets from Gadget Gallery because it wanted to encourage the writing of APPS in readiness for Windows 8.

Now we are told that gadgets are bad and always have been…two sources of many..;amp&amp

This ‘news’ will undoubtedly convince many to run the ;Say no to gadgets’ fix.

I recognise that gadgets could be used to gain access to a PC, but has it ever happened? Could 3rd party apps do the same thing in Windows 8? If there are safeguards in Windows 8 to stop the threat, why couldn’t there be safeguards in Windows 7?

I have three gadgets running here and I am not about to stop using them. I don’t believe what I am now being told because the first excuse from Microsoft for the disappearance of gadgets had NOTHING to do with vulnerability and EVERYTHING to do with promoting Windows 8.

Microsoft is desperate to get software gadget producers to turn over to app development because without apps, Windows 8 is going NOWHERE. My thoughts at the moment are that this latest news is a ploy, and I am NOT biting. The timing of these latest revelations is too convenient. At the Black Hat security conference, more will be revealed. Maybe the guys will release software that enables us to check our gadgets out.

Note that I am not suggesting that it is absolutely safe to run gadgets. I am just passing on my own opinion. You must go as your conscience guides you. 

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