Unhappy with MacOS?

If you read the article in the link below, you will see that it is not just Windows users who are displeased with the way upgrade operating systems affect the speed of a machine or the way in which the user interacts with it.


I don’t doubt that if I looked at Mac  stuff more often, I would find more like this. Please note that I am not Mac bashing here, merely pointing out that Microsoft is not alone.

Computer traditionalists are going to struggle with the new ideas and technology that is appearing. I still mess with tablets in my local computer store of preference and, after 30 seconds, still walk away with 1001 ways I could better spend the cash that a tablet or iPad would cost..

In maybe less than two weeks, I will probably have Windows 8 running on this PC. In three months, Windows 8 will be available to consumers. The new wave is approaching fast and is going to sweep us all somewhere. I still want to be part of the computer scene, even if it is in some small dark corner where few ever tread, but I will be there, dinosaur desktop humming away, never able to escape the grip of a power cord, but still able to go where I like, just as Microsoft always promised. 


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