If this is true..

.. it will be a real game changer for me..

Microsoft blocks Windows 8 Start button, boot-to-desktop hacks:


A short while back, I wrote that as long as there were 3rd party ‘fixes’ for the lack of a Start button and traditional menu system, Windows 8 would be ok, and most desktop users would be able to work with it. Microsoft are not seeing it that way. The company seems to be hell bent on making us work with a full screen menu system which does not allow for easy multi-tasking.

If when I do the upgrade to Windows 8, I find that all acceptable ways to get a desktop have been closed off or that, at any point in time, updates come through that take out 3rd party start menus, Windows 8 is GONE. I don’t care if Windows 8 boots faster. I only reboot every three days, but I work on my system for many hours per day.

I don’t use a tiny tablet where I only want information fed to me. I have a full blown desktop, large tower, full size keyboard and mouse, on which I expect to be able to do a multitude of tasks, one of which is supporting Microsoft operating systems in MS Answers.

But I am ok because I have a full retail version of Windows 7 which can be transferred to another computer if needs be. I am speaking up for those who don’t have the option to transfer Windows 7 from an older computer to a new one because they have an OEM installation.

Microsoft, if you are going to release an operating system with the term ‘desktop’ in the description, please have the decency to allow it to be used as desktops traditionally have been used.

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