Windows 8-balled?


Stuff that still works..

  1. All of the internal hardware
  2. Existing peripheral devices
  3. Networx
  4. Winpatrol

Stuff that doesn’t work or is a pain

  1. All of my stress reducer games
  2. The traditional Windows games which are now only accessible via the UI formerly known as Metro (also used as stress reducers)
  3. My two favourite gadgets. Weather Network via Weather Center was the best, and a network monitor which showed which computers were online.
  4. VSL Lantoucher Network Chat
  5. Speedfan – It will not show in the notification area at boot up regardless of settings

I am not a casual user of the Internet or a texter. I do serious work and am the ‘system admin’ to my family and the local friendly repair guy to many around me. Windows 8 as it stands presently has given me nothing, not even faster boot times particularly, but I have lost quite a bit.

I could just about live with the UI formerly known as Metro, but I will now look to getting Windows 7 and former usability back, at least for now.

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