Windows 8.. all I want or need..

.. is to be able to basically run it in order to support it in Microsoft Answers. As long as I know how it works and where everything is, it doesn’t have to be the primary OS. So, I have the option of dual booting, a procedure I have never liked, or Windows 8 Mode.

Windows 8 Mode? For sure, Windows 8 in Virtual Box. It works well.

I gave it 2gb of RAM, 32mb video RAM,  and set the box to ‘dynamic’. It is not like I will be using it for gaming or anything serious, and so don’t have to throw masses of resources at it. Who knows, I may even get to like it enough to dual boot and maybe even take it on as the primary OS when it has been properly out in the wild for a while.

Virtual Box lives here.. and this is how to do it.. 

Windows 8

This is how it looks. Spiffy, eh..

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