Atari arcade..

Remember this?Atari-2600-Wood-4Sw-Set It is the Atari 2600 game console, and probably the first computer most families ever had. Remember the games? Addictive or what! Well, your Atari 2600 may have been sent for scrap many years ago, but the games live on, and are playable in IE 9 and 10. See here..!/arcade/superbreakout

It ran on a 6507 processor which was a cut down 6502 as used in the Acorn BBC computers so graphics was never a strong point, but did we care? I never remember thinking that it sucked. It was the most exciting stuff to appear on the Telly since Fireball XL5.

I am giving away my British roots.. Smile

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  1. your ability to talk about gold old times/software/hardware is revoked until you support adding gameport drivers back to windows you god damned fucking nigger

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