This HP high end all-in-one Windows 8 PC

.. doesn’t have touch capability. Mind you, I am not surprised really. Who would want to leave grubby paw prints over an IMac look-a-like..

HP Spectre 1 It will be difficult enough keeping the keyboard and finger pad clean. Plus, and the distance that one normally sits away from the screen, it would require the relative arm length of a Chimpanzee.

Enter the new finger pad where you can swipe away to your heart’s content. I am assuming that it would work with any Windows 8 PC and could become the accessory to have if it is sold separately.

I would imagine that the computer shown here would probably set you back around $1000, but it is eminently preferable to having to come home and connect a tablet up to a large screen, keyboard and mouse. 

If it wasn’t for the fact that I like the serviceability of a regular tower, I wouldn’t mind one of these HP’s at all. Just think, only two cables, one for power and one for Ethernet. Great stuff..

Long live the PC.. Smile

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