Card readers

Windows 7 is reporting that my card reader unit is slowing down the process of coming out of sleep. I assume that it includes hibernation because I never use the sleep function.

The 9 in 1 card reader is running on generic drivers, but it looks like they all do. I haven’t seen a packaged card reader which includes more then the reader and first layer packaging..

Needless to say, the card reader works as does the USB port on it, and I would rather have a card reader than worry about the 2.1 second delay in coming out of sleep..

The card reader was rescued from an Acer M1640 which had a blown motherboard and a hard drive struggling to work. The reader was pretty much the only part still in reasonable working order. I haven’t included the power supply in the list of working parts because I have read that it s the power supply which causes the motherboard to break.

I don’t know why all digital camera owners don’t use a card reader. I have lost count of the number of posts over the years where a camera was not recognised by the computer, especially one running Windows 7 64-bit. I got by using the card reader in the Toshiba L500, but I don’t always have access to it.  Telling camera users to get a card reader was generally received badly, yet it is so easy a solution..

Oh well .. Smile

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