Windows 8 – Start8 makes it all better..

Stardock’s Start8 menu for Windows 8 is getting better. You now have the ability to ‘pin to the Start menu’ just like Windows 7.

All about the look and features here..

And guess what? It is in beta presently, but the full version only costs $4.99 which is well worth it in my opinion. Imagine getting all of the benefits of Windows 8 and a usable Start Menu too.

Despite ultimately having to pay for Start8, this could be the deal maker re Windows 8 success not only at home level, but also enterprise.

The way that Start8 is shaping up, for me it is one major hurdle crossed. Now, if Sam W Tucker was to develop a version of Network Monitor which would work in Windows 8, I could pretty much forego anything else that I have found not to work in Windows 8 but did work in Windows 7..

Network Monitor here..

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