My box so far..

Considering the ambient temperature in this high rise, south facing condo, the fans in the case are pinning the CPU to around 33°C, which is 6 to 8°C less than it used to be. The case sits quite close to heating pipes too, the price of not having unlimited floor space, so I am not too unhappy.LanBoard_q400B

Of course, it is louder than it used to be, with one fan on the lower front, two exhaust fans on the top, one exhaust fan at the back and two on the CPU. There is space for four more, but the noise would really start to get to me. I have thought about investing in a fan controller but reviews are generally not too good re quality or accuracy. It is actually more noisy when pushed under the desk. Fortunately, I have one of these..

The Lanboard enables me to pull the system out from under the desk to make it easy to carry put maintenance and get access to the top USB ports and the SATA X-Port. I don’t use the carry strap.

A former problem seems to have disappeared, notably power failure when pressing the power switch to come out of hibernation. Having said that now, I have no doubt that next time, it will fail again.

It is still running Windows 7 because I like it, but I have a drive, albeit not a new one, on which I will install Windows 8. It will be a parallel install which I will select from the temporary boot F key at start up, but none of this is happening until Windows 8 is officially released on October 26th.

It is getting to be a busy box, with the addition of more fans, a 9 in 1 card reader and an extra drive, but it is the centre of a home system which supports all other family PC’s, even those outside of where I live. There was a point where I was using LogMeIn to access the others, but I am of a mind these days that computer users should be at least partly responsible and in any case, the times where I wanted access was not always in accordance with the individual users.

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