A cheap network printer..

This is what has become of my venerable HP Deskjet 5150. Bought in 2003, it has been connected directly to my PC and shared with other network users, but no more.LPR

I have one of these.. http://www.win-star.com/eshop/goods.php?id=58

These things are half the price of anything available locally, can be bought on eBay for around $20 (free shipping), are so much more reliable a connection than relying on sharing a printer from a host computer, and will work with almost any USB printer.

All you need is a spare outlet on your router.

If your old USB printer finally rolls over and croaks and you go out and buy one of the new fangled wireless printers, the device can be used to share an external USB drive in the same way (software included).

It took me just a few minutes to remove it from the packaging and set it up manually, e real breeze.

Now, when I put my computer into hibernation, others can still print, no more complaints. That is worth $20 anyway.. Smile

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