Windows 8 – a fresh install..

While doing maintenance on the computer, I decided to fit the drive allocated for Windows 8, and to install a full running Windows 8. It all seemed to go well but Event Viewer told another story. I could not believe the amount of critical errors and warnings. So I set about downloading device drivers..

AMD have released chipset drivers for the series 7 boards and higher, and Realtek have audio and LAN drivers. Microsoft’s Windows 7 hardware drivers appear to be ok in Windows 8.

Will the Windows 8 computer go into hibernation? Only after installing the Windows 8 drivers. Prior to that, it would for a few seconds which then invoked CHKDSK on ALL of the drives.

I have isolated Windows 8 defragmenter from the Windows 7 drive and the one used to store running documents et al, and isolated the Windows 7 defragmenter from the Windows 8 drive..

Until the bulk of Windows 8 drivers are released, presumably AFTER October 26th, Windows 8 is not as stable as it appears on the surface. I notice the problems more because the instability of Windows 8 affects the other two drives in the box. It is very unnerving. .

Forget any claims that anything that runs in Windows 7 will run in Windows 8. It is simply not true, and when somebody tells you to try drivers in compatibility mode, don’t believe them. Stability requires proper support from the manufacturers.

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