Windows 7 and 8 do NOT like to co-exist..

All hard drives checkout as ok, and Windows 7 runs flawlessly, boots flawlessly, and does everything else flawlessly UNTIL Windows 8 is introduced to the system. Even when I had Windows 8 in VirtualBox, it still played up a bit but only affected itself, not the host.

One in three reboots from Windows 8 back into 7 results in a CHKDSK run because Windows 7 will not start properly. I have isolated both operating systems as much as I can, and am at a loss as to what to do next. The obvious choice is NOT to boot into Windows 8.

Something is amiss, a mess, and I am beginning to believe that Windows 8 has bigger issues than the lack of a decent desktop start menu..

One thought on “Windows 7 and 8 do NOT like to co-exist..

  1. I am getting the same problem. I have Windows 7 and Windows 8 on different hard disks so I guess the only solution is to physically unplug the Windows 7 disk when I want to run 8.

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