Can’t wait for Windows 8?

You should be so lucky. I have it but can’t get it to run particularly well.

I hooked up the Windows 8 drive today, and I knew it was 8 because that is how many minutes elapsed before it was usable. I uninstalled Start8 and installed Classic Shell in between the freezes, and also tried the three major updates, but it stopped installing after the second update. After that I couldn’t do anything as it froze solid, so I gave up.

A reboot back to 7 invoked a massive CHKDSK which took forever, and as soon as I was back in, I wrote zeros to the Windows 8 drive. Crazy stuff.

The machine is fine, the hard drive is fine, but Windows 8 is a real dog, and the only obvious reason is that it likes sole ownership of the hardware. I’m at the point now where I don’t know if I can trust it..

The next time, I will have to install MS Office and Outlook because all my contacts and calendar stuff are in the PST file. Partitions D and E of the Windows 7 drive will be copied over to the Windows 8 mirror partitions, and only then will I re-install 8 when I have everything that I need such that the Windows 7 drive can be disconnected and preserved.

Vista, for all that was said about it, gave me less problems than I have had with Windows 8. For sure it screwed up XP restore points, but at least it didn’t freeze at any and every opportunity.

When am I going to do this? After I have had a few good days and not before. I may even wait to see some of the questions in the Windows 8 forum.  I have to say that I am sorely disappointed so far. I may not like some of the features of Windows 8, but I certainly didn’t think that I would be put off by its stability…


Is it really true that all apps have to be obtained through the Windows 8 app store? Might this not put off some developers?  I recognise that Microsoft don’t want anything which might compromise the OS, and want to be able to check stuff before it joins the fold, but I have seen articles where there is resistance to this plan already.

I won’t be using apps when or if I turn over to Windows 8. I may keep one or two. I like the CBC news app because reading news is a bit like reading from a newspaper, and I will keep the ‘desktop’, but the rest are gone.. 

That’s it for now. Not very promising and no good news. I would like to think that it can only get better, but there is still room for it to get worse. Time will tell..

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