Consumed by speed?

Would you like your computer to boot from a standing start to Windows in five seconds or less? Sure you would, because you would not have to tap your pencil or twiddle your fingers waiting for it to reboot after the last lot of updates.

OK, supposing that your computer would boot in five seconds or less, would you have quick enough reflexes to hit an F key, to temporarily change the boot order, get into BIOS, or into OS repair mode? If you had a dual boot setup, would you ever get to run the 2nd OS?

The only way around the above ‘problem’ would be to have a multiple position switch, maybe a key lock as used on IBM RS 6000 machines of old which give the choice of OFF, Service and Normal. You can imagine how many $$$$$ that would put on the cost of a new machine, and you would never be able to change the motherboard for another unless it was identical to the original. Also, the aesthetics of your beautifully crafted ‘all in one’ computer would be spoiled..

The key option is never going to happen, so be happy that your PC takes anything up to 90 seconds to get to a useful state. You will appreciate it more as you get older and have difficulty in booting yourself within two minutes..

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