Four days to go..

After sorting out a system image for Windows 7, I ran the Windows 8 upgrade this evening. The whole process took around an hour to complete, and I am pleased to report that almost everything is working.

Hardware is all up and running and my old Canon Lide 30 scanner works after updating to the latest version of Vuescan. Windows 7 has been overwritten, so I don’t expect any CHKDSK errors.

Software has taken hits. I have one or two games which no longer run, but may try to re-install them in compatibility mode, and I have lost my two favourite gadgets. Having lost the WeatherCentre gadget, I am back with the Weather Network icon in the notification area. It is running in XP compatibility mode and still tells me that it is incompatible. The jury is out on this one.

The desktop is being managed by Classic Shell presently, but I will try out Start8 again fairly soon.

Setup wasn’t always as informative as it could have been. Blank screens and wildly flashing HDD LEDs are often a sign that all is NOT well.

I don’t like the flat look particularly, but that is just aesthetic, not operational and not the most important of issues.

Will Windows 8 go into hibernate when I close down for the night? I wouldn’t like to say. I will deal with motherboard drivers tomorrow when I am more awake

So far so good.. Smile

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