A decent Start menu..

.. makes all the difference..

Mikes desktop Windows 8

This is Windows 8, complete with Quick Launch, Stardock’s Start8 and the Canada theme pack. It looks and behaves just like Windows 7, apart from the lack of gadgets.

The toughest learning curve so far has been the Start8 menu. It took all of five minutes.

The general appearance is flat and squared off. Not so good..

Some programs need to be set to run in compatibility mode and run as administrator.

The theme is being used just to make the view of my monitor more interesting for you. I run a black background because I never get to see the desktop day to day.

There are one or two more functions in Control Panel.

It even manages to hibernate and return to the desktop on demand.

Re drivers, it is just a waiting game now.

There are some brilliant privacy screens in the Windows 8 start menu formerly known as Metro. Click on any app and as long as nobody else in your household knows how to close an app down, you are good to go.. 

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