Key points at the Windows 8 launch..

Key points are like movie trailers. You get 10 minutes of good action and find that the full version includes 80 minutes of a mind state called ‘frustration’

Can we have the first slide, please?

"We shunned the incremental. We boldly reimagined Windows." (Sinofsky)

Somebody at Microsoft boldly reimagined XP. We got Vista.

"We see today as a grand opening." (Sinofsky)

The Windows apps store has a glaringly obvious omission. It is called a Start menu. I give thanks to Stardock’s corner store..

"Windows 8 shatters perceptions of what a PC now really is." (Ballmer)

I have Windows 8 and my ‘tower’ is still recognisable as a PC.. The attached monitor is larger than a Canada Post preferred post card.

"Picture your start screen filled with everyone and everybody who’s most important to you." (Ballmer)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show or a screen full of fairly meaningless apps? It’s a tough call for sure.. .

"Windows 8 is a major milestone in the evolution and revolution of computing." (Sinofsky)

Vista was too. it almost singlehandedly shattered the concept of ‘Microsoft driven’ personal computing’.  Wow..

OK, I have had a bit of fun. Windows 8 is ok as long as the 3rd party guys help out. It certainly leaves something to be desired in the way that Microsoft say we should use it.

Good luck to you all and may you find your peace with Windows 8..

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