Windows 8 – Living with it..

This operating system has been designed for multiple machine types, and you will most likely use Windows 8 because it is part of the deal when you buy a new computer.

After the initial setup and personalisation, this is what you will see..

Win 8 Start

This is a screenshot of mine, and I have added one or two items and removed a few too, but you get the picture.

The ‘full’ buttons on the left are Windows 8 ‘apps’ and the block of buttons to the right are standard desktop applications and utilities. The major difference is that Windows 8 Apps run in full screen mode, and you can only view one at a time.

This is the Weather app..


This is just one third of what you can see. There is more to the right, which can be easily accessed by either swiping if you have a tablet type computer, or scrolling the mouse wheel if you have a desktop type.

I have to admit that it is looks good and there is some good information there.

There are many other apps of similar quality, news, games etc., and presently many of them are free to use. I particularly like the CBC news app which is very easy to read.

If your bag is reading the news, general surfing, sending and receiving email, playing the traditional Windows games and more, the new interface will work very well for you.

For sure, it will take time before you fully get the hang of it, but once you do, you may never look back to the old style Start Menu.

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