Windows 8 Compatibility – The Weather Network

This weather service has worked well through three operating systems, and has been my preferred weather service here in Canada. When running Windows Vista and 7, I had it piped through into a gadget called WeatherCentre and the service worked well

Windows 8 doesn’t do gadgets, so I installed the original notification icon and it ran and did all that it should despite warnings from Windows 8 that it was an incompatible program. I uninstalled it and re-installed using compatibility settings, but Windows 8 still didn’t like it.

This morning, I noticed that the CPU temperature was up, so opened Task Manager to see what was using the CPU so much. It was the Weather Network.service, and it was consistently using around 10%. I have now uninstalled it.

I briefly tried the Weather Channel service in the tray, but beware. This also introduces ARO 2012 which is yet another self-installing registry cleaner. I ran Revo Installer to dump ARO 2012, am doing the same for the Weather Channel, and I have run Malwarebytes. There is no longer a weather service program running for the first time in years.

Sorry, but as nice as the Windows 8 apps are, one can’t keep an eye on incoming weather because the dumb apps will only run one at a time. 

One thought on “Windows 8 Compatibility – The Weather Network

  1. So true … I just uninstalled the Weather apps
    Win 8 has severe limitations in a pc setting 🙁

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